Small Business Ad Features

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Flat Rate of $19.95/month so no surpises in your Advertising Budget.

SoZo's Site Marketing Service is an awesome new type of Internet Advertising designed to drive more traffic to your web site and keep your advertising budget at a flat rate with no PPC (Pay Per Click) charges.  You get unlimited clicks when web surfers find you on all our search engine sites and all our Business directories!


Increase Your SEO(Search Engine Optimization) WIth Your Keywords Hyperlinked On Your Ad and in the URLs

Select your main keywords/phrase for your web site that makes you unique.  Enter this in the SiteAdvertisingProfile screen where the label says "KeyWords".  Your Keywords are entered on your Full Page Ad in the TITLE meta tag and also the body section of your Ad.  Your keywords are hyperlinked to your home page.  These keywords that you enter in your own private internet account we give you, are what search engines use when people do searches on theses major search engine sites such as Google/Yahoo/Bing and other search sites.


Learn How To Program Your Web Site With Free Monthly SEO Tips Emailed To You As Well As A Site Analysis

After we receive each payment from you, we will send you a special email that has critical advice for search rankings. Included in this special email is the latest Site Analysis of your Home Page analyzing your HTML META TAGS and warning you if you are missing any information as well as giving you SEO (Search Engine Optimizatino) Tips that will help you with your search engine rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.  We also email you free SEO Tips so you can learn how to increase your search engine rankings with SEO programming.


Promote Your Company as well as your Products And Services with Your Logo/Product Images linked to your Site 

Your Directory Link Page is an extra HTML page added on over 20 Business Directories with the name wwwyoursitecom.htm where wwwyoursitecom is the name of your web site without the periods.  This Directory Link Page has your Ad Caption, 100 characters of your Custom Title, 500 characters of your Executive Summary (your words to drive more traffic to your Home Page), all your meta keywords, and meta descriptions that were crawled from your Home Page. You can add a Corporate Logo and a Product or Service image with separate hyperlinks to take them right into your site to sign up for a service or buy a product!  After you complete this sign-up process you are emailed how to activate your account and then log in to it.  After logging in, you can customize your Directory Link Page.


Get on 20+ Business Directories and multiple Blog sites and Increase Your Web Presence

You enter your web site and Business/Organization Name.  Your Home Page (which you enter on screen 2 of the sign-up process) will be listed in Alphabetical order under your Business/Organization Name.  Web Surfers can click on your Business Directory link to go to your free Directory Link Page.  These Business Directories can be found on:,,,,, , , ,,,, .    Your Directory Link Page not only has your Ad Caption and Executive Summary text (to drive more traffic to your Home Page), but also has a hyperlink for web surfers to go directly to your Home Page.


Get Found On 4 Business Search Sites That Show Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Results All On 1 Page

Your Home Page which is entered on screen 2 of this sign-up process, is entered on 4 Business Search Sites.  The results screen on each of these 4 business search sites not only gives a link to your Home Page, and not only gives a link to your Full Page Ad (Directory Link Page) but also shows your Advertising Caption right in the middle of the screen.  These 4 business search sites can be found on: http://www.sozosearch.com and


Your Ad Caption and Link To Your Full Page Ad are Shown on 4 Business Search Sites

After you complete this sign-up process you are emailed how to activate your account and then log in to it.  After logging in, you can add up to 100 characters of an Ad Caption.  This Ad Caption will be displayed in the middle of the Search Results screen when web surfers find you on any of our SoZo Search Sites. You can change your Ad Caption daily if you want to promote specials to drive more web traffic to your Home Page.  You also get hyplerlinks to your Full Page Ad.  Your Web Full Page can have up to 3 different hyperlinks to take web surfers to 3 different locations on your web site to sign up for the promotions you are offering.


Click on the link at the top of this article to start your Free Internet Advertising Today

After you complete this sign-up process you are emailed how to activate your account so your Free Internet Advertising can start today and will continue until the trial period is over.


The Free Trial Period is 30 days so test it out for free!

On screen 2 of this sign-up process there is a base trial period of 30 days and an additional trial period tacked on in addition to the 30 days if you have a valid promotion code.  You are shown clearly at the top of screen 2 in this sign up process when the trial period is over.  If for some reason you feel the free internet advertising is not meeting your needs you can cancel your subscription before the trial period ends and you do not pay a cent as your credit card is not charge until after the trial period is over.  We are assured you will find the $19.95 /month charge (that starts after your trial period ends) is the best internet advertising investment for your dollar compared to any other Internet Advertising Campaign.


Get A Discount By Signing Up For The Annual Rate Instead of The Monthly Rate

Yes!  Screen 2 of this sign-up process gives you the option of signing up at the monthly rate of $19.95 or at the yearly rate of $214.95.  The yearly rate gives you a 10 percent discount!


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